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Roberts, Gillian, New York: Ballantine Books, Roberts, Gillian.

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Add To List. Schoolteacher and sleuth Amanda Pepper leads her class to Philadelphia's public library, where she investigates the murder of a lovely young librarian. Also in This Series. In this library.

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He dies, poisoned, at his own party. And worse, Amanda's mother's gift—the home baked tarts the dead man loved— turn out to be the murder weapon. Amanda's friend Sasha has a photography assignment in Atlantic City, and she invites her broke schoolteacher friend to come along for a free mini-vacation.

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But the two quickly discover there's more to lose than money at the shore when Sasha finds a stranger bludgeoned to death in her bed. In the Dead of Summer - Read the first chapter - Buy it! Something's very wrong about the English classroom's chemistry during a special summer school program.

The class is reading Romeo and Juliet , but the population of Philly Prep seems as star-crossed as Shakespeare's lovers.

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The reader can taste the fear engendered by Svetlana the sorceress, and marvel at the bravery of the two young heroes in their battles against her and also the sheer determination needed to survive the awful winter climate. True, the middle-aged compulsive collector of knickknacks wasn't universally loved. I couldn't wait to read this till the end - and I must admit I was not quite expecting the ending. Philadelphia Pa. Nine One One.

A Vietnamese girl disappears. There's a drive-by shooting outside the school. An Afro-American computer teacher receives hate messages on her answering machine. Amanda's tenacious search for the missing girl takes her to Chinatown, to neighborhoods filled with new immigrants and old prejudices and ultimately to dark truths much too close to home.

Roberts gives Amanda an appealingly dry wit. The Mummers' Curse - Read the first chapter - Buy it! It's New Year's Day, which means it's time for Philadelphia's flesh-and-blood "historical monument"—the Mummers—to strut their stuff.

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Amanda's happily watching the parade along with her young niece and Mackenzie—until a reveler in fancy dress is shot dead in front of thousands of viewers—without anyone seeing the gunman. To make matters worse, when a suspect is finally found, he insists he was with Amanda during the crucial time, and to make matters still worse, the murder weapon ultimately is discovered—inside Amanda's pocketbook.

Roberts effectively balances the subject of pride, Philadelphia's local color and Amanda's mounting problems.

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The Bluest Blood - Read the first chapter - Buy it! The ultra-elegant fund-raiser in a fabled Main Line mansion benefits Philly Prep's Library, and gives Amanda a chance to play Cinderella for a night. The first clue that all might not go well is the host's figure hanging in effigy outside the estate, put there by the "Moral Ecologists" who have a long list of classic books that "pollutes the mind. Adam and Evil - Read the first chapter - Buy it! When a high school senior shows signs of mental illness, Amanda attempts to get him help, but she's rebuffed by his parents.

When the same boy then becomes the prime suspect in a murder at the Philadelphia Main Library, and runs away, Amanda who knows he's confused and in need of help—whether or not he committed the crime—has no choice but to run after. And to run into the possibility of becoming the next victim herself. The day after Amanda's book club heatedly discusses a fictional woman's suicide, one of the members, Helen Coulter, falls to her death from the roofgarden of her house.

Helen's death is declared a suicide, but because of what she'd said during the book discussion, the rest of the group, including Amanda, have trouble accepting this verdict. In order to interest the police in investigating her death, the women pool their individual memories and definitions of who Helen was.

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But as Helen's own story begins to take shape, the picture becomes still murkier and more dangerous for all concerned. The victim, who later dies at the hospital, turns out to be Tomas Severin, of the Severins, one of Philadelphia's finest old families. Apparently, he drank a cup of tea laced with a date-rape drug before his fatal fall.

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Mackenzie, a retired cop now a full-time graduate student in criminology, investigate and discover any number of suspects who might have wished Tomas dead. Meanwhile, Amanda's sister, mother and future mother-in-law plague her about wedding plans. Amanda displays a sensitivity to her students that reflects a new maturity.

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Amusing secondary characters help further the story line rather than confuse it as in less skillfully plotted cozies.