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Guest More than 1 year ago As morbid as it sounds,I have always been drawn to this particular period of history, the holocaust and the personal stories of its survivors. I loved this film above and beyond any others of this nature. I adore it for countless reasons. Polanski has such an eye for simplicity in the many poignant moments of this story. Although the horror and shock that you have read about is still present, Polanski managed to maintain the most important elements of these people's lives such as integrity, hope, art, innocence, humanity or lack there of.

Then to watch it all be stripped away in the manner that it was, was exquisite and heart wrenching.

Nazi officer Wilm Hosenfeld who saved 'The Pianist' Władysław Szpilman | Daily Mail Online

The conscience works over time and you can feel the pit of your stomach cave in. The duration of the film, you feel surrounded.

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You want to say 'What is happening, I can't believe this is happening', you want to stop it but you know the fate is inevitable. Like Szpilman, we must watch and wish. I could never be so quick or street smart. I am astounded and I wonder 'How did you do it when so many couldn't'? But the answer is there in Brody's eyes. It is there in the music and in every audience member who could not and would not leave until the credits where over and we had finished this man's journey with him.

The Pianist

It is one of the few movies that has stayed with me in my mind for a long time for ever since I saw it at the theatre. It makes you think about a lot of things, it affects you at a deeper level, and it is surely educational so that we never forget about the cruelties of human history. I think it was amazing in the sense that it is a simple story, nothing too heroic about Mr. Szpilman in that he didn't fight out the war or lead the revolution of the ghetto, but he survived just like any other human would try to survive during WWII--by simply trying to stay alive.

The force of will and never wanting to give up is what makes you feel respect for Szpilman. What I like about this story is that, first, it is a Holocaust story but yet it's not set in a concentration camp. It gives a closer look at the war. Second, most of people that lived during the war simply tryed to stay alive and in that sense one can relate to the story.

And I think Adrien Brody summed it very well in his Oscar acceptance speech--it makes you think of what war does to people. Speaking of Mr. Brody, hi really made the movie. Credits to all the crew and the cast, but his performance is what makes this movie exceptional. Very very well-deserved Oscar, he gave a great performance, and he has those Eastern European looks to make his role more authentic.

It was the first time I heard of Brody but I am looking forward to seeing him again in other movies. I usually don't buy a lot of videos but this one is definitely one that will go in my collection. I recommend it especially if you like history and WWII stories. Guest More than 1 year ago This movie is simply unparalleled.

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COM "An unqualified success both dramatically and artistically. Polanski explained in a Polish magazine. Babayan is represented in North America by Opus 3 Artists. Polanski turned it down, Mr. Its many peculiarities include at least one brilliant "false ending" which produced applause from the audience at the wrong time! It is the combination of imagined or the real threat of violence, slow time, and closed, claustrophobic space, when the characters are alone in their apartments for a long time, that causes their inner unraveling, marked by the increasingly deranged visions of the experienced or feared victimization. This is a tribute to his survival"

Polanski portrays the crude reality of the German occupation of Warsaw Poland with breath taking brilliance. One cannot walk away from this film without being haunted by the poignancy of its enduring theme.

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This film is a credit to cinema: a portrait of the human spirit. What is not expressed in prose is expressed in the cinematography, music and the theatrical dramatic expression of Adrien Brody. The Pianist is a story of life; with all the vicissitudes that accompany circumstance--whether through war or disease--the magnitude of the human spirit cannot be suppressed.

The Pianist is both a biography of Szpilman and an elegy to every Jewish victim of genocide and the tyranny of German folly. Guest More than 1 year ago This is an amazing movie! Guest More than 1 year ago The utter despair and devastation of World War II Warsaw comes to life in this poignant tale of one man's battle for survival. The performances are flawless. Guest More than 1 year ago I eagerly awaited this movie about a fellow musician. However, what I saw was not at all what I expected, but in a very good way.

The was horrifying but in a very revelant way, it showed the indomitable spirit of man and his tenacious hold on life. It also showed admirably how music can help a person survive no matter how hard the circumstances. Guest More than 1 year ago I just loved Adrian Brodys performence.

He did deserve the oscar no matter who says otherwise. I would say that the direction was excellent but Polanski is a Pedifiling wussy. This movie deserved what it got and everything more. Guest More than 1 year ago There is no happiness in this film, as the screenwriter and actors combine to produce a steady timeline of events in World War II Warsaw.

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The viewer barely has time to assess what just previously happened to the Jewish families when a new Nazi action stuns him or her once again. It is brilliant in its ability to bring the viewer into the story, for just as the Jews perceived everything had all happened so quickly, he or she realizes how swiftly the Germans had stolen the very souls of the Polish Jews. Even though the movie depicts horror and tragedy that the jews faced in warsaw poland,; I find it quite interesting. Szpilman the main character played by Adrien Brody was just a young pianist until Warsaw was invaded by the Nazis in the 's.

This movie is very sad, because not only does Szpilman lose his dignity as a human being but he loses his family. Szpilman's life was saved by a Jewish Officer who worked for the nazis. When In Hiding a German Officer discover him. Szpilman's life was saved by a German Officer who heard him play Chopin on the paino. I highly recommend this movie to History Lovers. Guest More than 1 year ago The Pianist is one of the most amazing movies I have ever had the privilege to watch. This is not simply a movie to enjoy, it is a movie to dive into, be swallowed up by, get folded over and lost in.

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I like very strong robust black tea so I just seep my tea a few minutes more and they are deep and packed with intense flavor. The film's story also repeatedly emphasizes Gittes' mechanical, unbiased and shrewd "objective" seeing, and his ability to see through appearances and put aside his subjectivity. Even while falling in love with Evelyn Mulwray, he is capable of eventually concluding - together with us, the viewers who followed his every move and his every look - that he saw enough of the evidence proving that Evelyn indeed killed her husband Hollis Mulwray.

The revelation of Gittes' mistake at the very end of the film is stunning, and it concerns the role of unacknowledged preconceived notions in the interpretation of objective images. Together with Gittes the "private eye" , we realize at once that he—and we—did not really see things we thought we saw. Rather, we saw things which we heavily interpreted following our own pre-existing concepts of processing certain images: a man embracing a young girl is seen as a man with an illicit young lover, a woman lying about her marital affairs is seen as a woman lying about her potentially criminal jealousy towards her husband.

The mechanical devices of "objective seeing" did not provide accuracy because we still lacked a proper way of processing these objective images, a seemingly incongruous subjective quality that turns out to have been indispensable for Gittes' real seeing of the images in front of him—trust.

Evelyn asked him to trust her even without his knowing what her situation was all about, but Gittes decided that his "objective" knowledge—based largely on his objective imagery—was more conducive to finding the truth than any subjective trust.

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He was wrong, and as a consequence of his mistake Evelyn was killed and Catherine was taken away by Noah. Gittes' mechanical hyper-objective seeing proved unable to become truly objective without the addition of the delicately subjective ingredient of personal trust. Chinatown is a film about an outsider's Gittes' gradual development of a vision which will at the end match the victim's double vision of Evelyn Mulwray who saw both how her father was seen by the world a respectable patriarch and by herself "very dangerous, very crazy".