Opening Your Heart: How to attract more love into your life

15 Easy Ways To Attract More Love & Positivity Into Your Life
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The heart chakra is ruled by Air, so let the air into your lungs and invigorate your heart.

If you are looking for greater love than this event is for you!

Now exhale all of that pain and sadness out. If you are doing it right, and truly letting go, you should feel more joy. When you are in your favourite nature spot, close your eyes, and take a big breath in, bringing in any person or moment of sadness that is vexing you right now.

Now, breathe it all out, picturing those words or humans in the big cloud of breath that you are breathing out, and actually removing those negative things from your body as you breathe out. Now, listen to the sounds of nature in the spot that you chose.

Waves lapping, breezes flowing, leaves falling crisply to the ground. That other sound? Let it go, let it go, let it go. Let it go. Things happen.

Love more, judge less. Letting things bug you weighs down your heart chakra. It closes up those walls. Letting things stress or panic you works your heart in a way that focuses on stress endorphins, and not on unconditional love. Forgiving more is truly the treatment for that. Kind people are generally taken advantage of the most because the bullies and jerks of the world believe that kindness is a weakness, and they know that nice people are more likely to just let it go, let it go, let it go, and let them in front of the line every time.

You keep that mentality up long enough with the wrong person, and you become an abuse victim. Stand in your truth while being kind. I actually know someone that missed a plane because she was too timid to tell someone she was in line first! I told her she was nuts! Having an open heart chakra is not about loving everyone else first.

You need to love your Self first. Only then can you be well enough to love others unconditionally. And every time a manipulator of the world hits that target, your heart chakra is wounded even more, and you wind up with even more chakra work to do. But at the same time, never stop loving the world. You have nobody to answer for but yourself. Be kind, but speak your mind. It goes back to that confidence of an open heart chakra that is just so darn sexy.

The key to attracting more love is to first feel more love. And that is more genuine love. That is neither random nor kind. Doing so in the quiet and stillness of the world without expecting a thank you or a pat on the back does though. Be love every day, no matter what your relationship status, and unlock your heart chakra a little more. Just BE love. BE love, receive love. Case in point: If someone butts in front of you in line, and then someone else pays for your coffee, which person are you going to be most attracted to? Which person will you think about more that day?

Which person will you talk about the most when you re-tell that story? Focusing on these little details in life breaks down those walls around your heart and opens up that sexy heart chakra little by little every day. Green is the heart chakra colour. Any green will do. Pick the green that you love and makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

Create a happy place from this green space. Maybe a pasture, maybe a bed of flowers, maybe just a bed of green grass. Maybe a green pillow! Pick the green that works for you. Green is the colour of the heart chakra, and meditating on this colour helps to open it up. Imagine green energy filling up your entire body, or being wrapped in that favourite green chenille blanket that makes all problems in the world go away for you.


A healthy heart chakra is maintained by first having a healthy heart! Whenever you feel the human side of things try to take over your heart chakra, like sadness or anger, get moving. When you get moving you get the blood flowing and your heart chakra gets a little boost.

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Ever get really excited and maybe even a little frisky during a workout? Your brain releases endorphins during a workout to make it suck less. And when it does, you feel good. That makes you want to do it more. So if you are down in the dumps and your heart chakra is feeling a little sluggish, get moving and get that blood flowing. Once you do, the endorphins will give you a pick me up that will help get you to the next point in your day. At the same time, when we feel fear or experience panic symptoms, our heart races and our blood pressure increases. This is not good for the heart chakra either.

An escalated cardio session over fear, anger, or sadness, is really really bad for you. Go and meditate, remove your Self from the situation, have a glass of wine, you do you, baby.

Open Your Heart: A 30-Day Course to Feel More Love and Attraction for Your Partner

Whatever you need to do to breathe, and breathe normally, is mission critical to heart chakra health. That is a health problem heading towards disaster. How attracted are you to angry manipulators? And one of the best ways to do that is with self help-style books. Get your paws on one of 'em, and see if it doesn't change how you approach life. People who attract good things to their life are usually the ones who are happily chasing after a goal — and doing cool things along the way. As Hooper says, "By setting a specific personal goal, your life can have a sense of purpose and direction — two things that can attract lots of positive juju in life.

Nothing can ruin your day, or drag you down, faster than judgmental eyes. It's just not worth it. If you feel super affected by the news and really, who doesn't?

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We just don't hear about them," Walsh says. Be inspired by all the wonderful people out there. Share their posts, encourage them, and see how good you feel. Even if life isn't going your way, try to go with the flow whenever possible. If you have any personal hangups, anxieties, or depression, it can obviously affect how you feel.