Metal-Insulator Transitions Revisited

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In this talk I will try to convince the audience that the MIT of VO 2 is nothing to do with electron correlations but is caused by a structural transition to a molecular orbital crystal MOC. The idea of the MOC is quite general and may be helpful in understanding many electronic transitions in various classes of transition metal compounds. Contact Sitemap Site Policy.

Metal-insulator transitions revisited

Speaker Prof. Zenji Hiroi The University of Tokyo. Date - , March23, Wednesday. Imanishi, N. Solid State Ionics , — Anderson, P. Absence of diffusion in certain random lattices.

Kittel, C. Kresse, G. Efficiency of ab-initio total energy calculations for metals and semiconductors using a plane-wave basis set. Efficient iterative schemes for ab initio total-energy calculations using a plane-wave basis set.


Nano Letters , 19 7 , Lu, W. ISI Chain Appl. Edwards, P. These metrics are regularly updated to reflect usage leading up to the last few days. Weak and low-energy processes in particle physics, such as neutrino and Dark Matter interactions, require detectors with high sensitivity and large sensing volumes.

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First-principles prediction of vacancy order-disorder and intercalation battery voltages in Li x CoO2. Marianetti, C.

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Role of hybridization in Na x CoO2 and the effect of hydration. Hettler, M. Dynamical cluster approximation: Nonlocal dynamics of correlated electron systems.

Advanced Seminar on Condensed Matter Physics

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Mott, N. On the transition to metallic conduction in semiconductors. Download references. We also gratefully acknowledge computing resources from the National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure. Correspondence to G. Reprints and Permissions.

A first-order Mott transition in Li x CoO 2. Nature Mater 3, — doi Download citation. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C Scientific Reports Chemical Physics Letters Advanced Science Journal of Power Sources Advanced search. Skip to main content. Abstract Despite many years of experimental searches for a first-order Mott transition in crystalline-doped semiconductors, none have been found. Rent or Buy article Get time limited or full article access on ReadCube.

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Figure 1: A schematic of the density-of-states for various realizations of the impurity band. Figure 3: The total charge-density difference of Li 0.

Microscopic and Nanoscale Perspective of the Metal-Insulator Phase Transitions of VO2

Figure 4: Total energy of Li x CoO 2. References 1 Takada, K.


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