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Back Next. Use my location. Emergency Shelter. Learn More Got it. She had recently run away from her living situation, which was unsafe for her.

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Themes and Colors Key. They had outrun the spread of news; no one in Maryland yet knew that Lincoln had been shot. The news was spreading out from the theater as the fifteen hundred audience members spread out across Washington, notifying those in the government and people of their acquaintance. Those who believed that Seward had been killed argued with those who had heard Lincoln was the victim, until eventually it emerged that both men had been attacked.

In the first hours after the two attacks, news moved only as quickly as it had been able to for thousands of years: as fast as people walking and riding could convey it. With none of the details of what had happened confirmed, already people were spreading the news.

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As stories seemed to contradict one another, the uncertainty gave rise to the sense of impending disaster in Washington, D. Active Themes. News, Information, and Misinformation. Related Quotes with Explanations.

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The news reached Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton , a man Lincoln had entrusted through the war to shape the Union Army into an efficient fighting force.

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Only a couple hours later, messengers reached his house with the erroneous news that Seward had been murdered. Stanton arrived just after Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles. Welles immediately cursed the Confederates, saying they must be the ones behind the attacks. This need to verify rumors likely led to even more congestion throughout the streets of Washington, as people flooded to the scenes of the crimes.


In this moment, it seemed that the rising panic was a sign that some new and still unknown cataclysm might be coming. As they approached, people ran in all directions through the streets.

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Near the theater, a big angry mob swarmed the street. A crowd watched as Dr. Leale instructed those carrying Lincoln to bring him outside. It was the last time the American public would ever see Lincoln alive. The crowds likely heightened the feeling of panic and the sense of foreboding. At this moment when everyone in Washington was uncertain of what exactly was going on, it seemed possible that something much bigger than an attack on Lincoln and Seward might be at hand. Herold dismounted and banged on the door, rousing Lloyd, who gave him the binoculars and shooting irons. Had he thought more practically about what a fugitive might need, he might have thought to also bring some supplies for surviving outdoors and a change of clothes.

Planning, Conspiracy, and the Unexpected. Download it! He ordered the gas in the room turned up, which lit the scene.