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May I help you? My Father steps forward and speaks with her as my Mother and Brother and I find chairs and sit in them. I'm shaking. My hands and my feet and my lips and my chest. For any number of reasons. Mother and Brother move next to me and they take my hands and they hold them and they can feel what is happening to me.

We look at the floor and we don't speak. We wait and we hold hands and we breathe and we think. My Father finishes with the woman and he turns around and he stands in front of us. He looks happy and the woman is on the phone. He kneels down. They're gonna check you in now. You're gonna be fine. This is a good place. The best place. That's what I hear.

You ready? I guess so. We stand and we move toward a small Room where a man sits behind a desk with a computer. He meets us at the door. I'm sorry, but you have to leave him here. My Father nods. We'll check him in and you can call later to make sure he's all right. My Mother breaks down. He's in the right place.

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Don't worry. My Brother looks away.

I turn and they hug me. One at a time and hold tight.

A Million Little Pieces

Squeezing and holding, I show them what I can. I turn and without a word I walk into the Room and the man shuts the door and they're gone. The man shows me a chair and returns to his desk. He smiles. How are you?

How do I look? Not good. I feel worse. Your name is James. You're twenty-three. You live in North Carolina. You're going to stay with us for a while. You okay with that? For now. Do you know anything about this Facility? Do you want to know anything? He smiles, stares at me for a moment.

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He speaks. We were founded in in an old house that sat on the land where these Buildings, and there are thirty-two interconnected Buildings here, sit now.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. During the book he sometimes seems normal and sometimes the farthest thing from it. Edit Did You Know? My entire Family. Reading and getting into James, the main character's head helps us comprehend what he is going through. This was a quite sensitive moment in the novel as another patient Leonard, who himself is a mobster, a criminal and a drug addict talks James out of his anger and brings him back to the facility and gives him the courage to at least try to turn his life around.

We have treated over twenty thousand Patients. We have the highest success rate of any Facility in the World. At any given time, there are between two hundred and two hundred and fifty Patients spread through six Units, three of which house men and three of which house women. We believe that Patients should stay here for as long a term as they need, not something as specific as a twenty-eight day Program. Although it is expensive to come here, many of our Patients are here on scholarships that we fund and through subsidies that we support. We have an endowment of several hundred million dollars.

We not only treat Patients, we are also one the leading Research and Educational Institutions in the field of Addiction Studies. You should consider yourself fortunate to be here and you should be excited to start a new chapter in your life. I stare at the man. I don't speak. He stares back at me, waiting for me to say something.

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There is an awkward moment. You ready to get started? I don't smile. He gets up and I get up and we walk down a hall.

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He talks and I don't. The doors are always open here, so if you want to leave, you can. Substance use is not allowed and if you're caught using or possessing, you will be sent Home. You are not allowed to say anything more than hello to any women aside from Doctors, Nurses or Staff Members. If you violate this rule, you will be sent Home. There are other rules, but those are the only ones you need to know right now. We walk through a door into the Medical Wing. There are small Rooms and Doctors and Nurses and a Pharmacy. The cabinets have large steel locks. He shows me to a Room.

It has a bed and a desk and a chair and a closet and a window. Everything is white. He stands at the door and I sit on the bed. A Nurse will be here in a few minutes to talk with you. You feel okay? No, I feel like shit.


It'll get better. Trust me. The man leaves and he shuts the door and I'm alone. My feet bounce, I touch my face, I run my tongue along my gums. I'm cold and getting colder. I hear someone scream. The door opens and a Nurse walks into the Room.

She wears white, all white, and she is carrying a clipboard.