A Reflection of Love: A Different Kind of Love Story

The Rituals of Love in Everyday Life
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The following is the sacred text as it appears in the English Standard Version. Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

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Love never ends 1 Cor. A word must be said regarding the context in which agape is employed in this epistle. By the imposition of apostolic hands cf. Acts ; 2 Corinthians , some members of the Corinthian church had been granted certain supernatural gifts e. Some of these Corinthian gift-holders, however, were abusing their spiritual privileges — exercising the signs as an end within themselves, and not out of regard for their family in the Lord.

For example, sometimes there would be multiple verbal presentations simultaneously, creating a climate of confusion cf. That was hardly conducive to learning. When the revelatory process was completed with the finished product of the New Testament , miraculous gifts would cease 1 Corinthians ff — see What Does the Bible Say About Miracles? In the balance of this discussion, we will reflect upon the quality of agape love as described in this context. The word makrothumei literally hints of taking a long time to get angry! In the New Testament, it has to do with how one should respond to abuse.

William Barclay tells the following enlightening story. Edwin Stanton was the bitter opponent of Abraham Lincoln in the early days of their political careers. Stanton characterized the awkward-looking Lincoln as a clown, a gorilla, etc. When Lincoln became president, however, he appointed Stanton as his secretary of war, because he felt that he was the best man for the job.

Kindness includes attributes like friendliness, compassion, generosity, and tenderness. To be kind is to be God-like Luke In a world that is saturated with harshness, a kind disposition is a refreshing breeze.

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There are many a woman who would trade a handsome husband for a kind one. Kindness would stifle the plague of child abuse. More kindness among brothers in the Lord would alleviate so much church trouble. The Scriptures demand that we be kind to one another Ephesians What is jealousy? The loving person will rejoice at the success of others. Jealousy has destroyed many a home and church.

Envy was one of the sins responsible for the death of Christ Matthew ; cf. Acts ; Genuine love is selfless. It seeks to extol the virtues of others. Love has words of encouragement for the lonely, the downtrodden, and others who deserve and need uplifting. But some are ever tooting their own horns. When a windbag preacher boasts that were it not for his efforts the whole brotherhood of Christ would be immersed in apostasy, one cannot but be reminded of this descriptive. Do I get your pain! Not even Solomon with all his wisdom could understand what happens between a man and a maid.

It is very deep and does inspire us to give all of our heart and soul. Firstly you are blessed to know such love, Eros. But we are not perfect and stuff happens, circumstances intervene and we are apart. All I can say is whenever you think of him, bless him despite the pain he has caused you. We must always forgive but especially in love. Second draw near to God and find him as the eternal lover, as he is. Give yourself time and even one day be courageous to love again if you are so blessed.

A Reflection of Love: A Different Kind of Love Story

Hugs sweet one. I do pray for him always.

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I could never not love him as he said he could never not love me. I just have faith in God we will eventually be together. Thank you so much for responding. I hope it was for me. It was for you. You sound so gorgeous. More hugs. It takes courage to love. Never let it go and it will become a butterfly, dissolved of all impurity, agape infused; all bitterness of the old flesh dissolved and replaced instead with a thing of great beauty; fragile; delicate; perfectly balanced and totally gorgeous. Your morphing!

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A Reflection of Love: A Different Kind of Love Story [Frances Stone] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Frances Stone: Author, Addictions. Frances Stone (Ms. Recovery Writes) is the author of A Reflection of Love – A Different Kind of Love Story. Its a story that has the capacity to change lives.

Human love is never enough to fill our love starved hearts. But God is love and because of the work Jesus did for us, you can be filled unceasingly with divine love which far transcends earthly love.

If you seek for Him, you will find Him, when you seek with all your heart. When you are full with Gods love, you do not need and ache and hunger and thirst, instead you are free to give and if you receive it is to make your cup overflow. This is Utopia for sure.. May this bit of Wisdom set U on the road to the only love eternally. Thanks Paulina. It would be amazing to love a whole, Christlike man…. Amen to that. It would be so amazing to love and devote yourself to a Christian man of God, who is willing to give you love in return.

Only God knows what we need and when we need. I pray that God will always keep me for whomever he sees fit for me in fulfilling my life. You have bonded with someone who is not worthy of you. We did a study on the four loves in church and home groups about 12 years ago. Yes, it does change your thinking, attitudes, willingness to accept and to be open to others. It is why I open my home, spare room and heart to others. Why I have 20 guests a year. Do unto others as you would LIKE them to do unto you.

The Bookshop: A Sort of, Kind of, Love Story

He was revisiting Cardiff, Wales with a friend for an Australian rugby match. He asked if they could stay, with me, as hotels were either full or pricey. I replied immediately, to say that I was away in Uzbekistan, but he could find a hide-a-key and let themselves in for the night. He was thrilled and grateful at the prospect. They liked my cosy home so much, they asked to stay 3 nights, in the end. I was glad to show love toward them. I have just received similar kindness, hospitality and love in Indonesia and Malaysia: eros, agape, phileo and storge.

Practicing hospitality is a very practical way to build our love muscles. Yes, we sometimes get done over, but God loves a cheerful and forgiving giver and we are blessed beyond our losses. Amazing that is, sir. Certainly God knew exactly what he needed us to fathom when he commanded that we should do everything we do as though we doing it for him.

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Our ways should be framed in a manner that pleases him and not our loved ones. God is love, only through imparting lofe that we may draw closer to him and begin to know him, indeed. I was introduced to the various types of love one Sunday there was something about the way it was taught or the mere introduction to new terms made me discover that there is more to it than the way I had previously known it.

The expression of love in Greek and particularly in biblical sense is far more complex than a romantic love which dominates our society today. I strongly believe that understanding the different types of love can help us understand how to express it as we should or in a more meaningful way. It is comforting to know that on some level we all are experiencing love all the time but I long for my expression to not be led by earthly misconceptions but to be conformed to the will of God and be pleasing to his Spirit even in my expression of the lower forms of love.

I like how this post has described Agape as that glue that holds the other loves together that unconditional, willful decision to sacrifice for the benefit of others? I want to love rightly and not go about expressing something that is parading around as love when it fact it is nothing but a fickle lie. I want to live up to 1 Corinthians But I was wondering about Eros love and Agape love and how are they relate to a man and woman. I see how many couples or people I know have Eros and I thinking to my-self that the best and only thing I want is true love or unconditional love.

I see how many get stuck at Eros and it just remains a physical thing and it might have a little of Phileo mixed but it was never Agape or it never becomes Agape and it ends. I think that might be a problem with many especially now. But true love is for ever and not just for the moment. I agree Francisco, the Love of many has grown cold. I think it is hard enough for people to love even a perfect God, let alone an imperfect human being. Forgiveness is everything and will never lead you astray.

This article goes to show that loves comes in many shapes and forms, for both mind and soul.